School Children

Susan Witt is a retired teacher after 31 years; 27 of those years in Spring Lake Park Schools

Let’s create the future leaders of tomorrow

Minnesota’s workers are our greatest asset. We must continue to outperform the rest of the country so more employers relocate here. By educating and training the most skilled, talented workforce our economy will grow.

Early childhood education

Our students’ success starts with early childhood education. Susan will expand these programs to create the building blocks to children’s future success.

K-12 system

Our K-12 systems have faced reduced funding as a result of past budget shortages. Susan will ensure our public schools receive stable, reliable funding to provide a world-class education. Job training programs. There are many avenues for economic success. Susan will increase the availability of job training programs to create highly skilled workers in the trade industry.

Higher education

A college education must be affordable and accessible to all. Susan will work with colleges to provide grants and scholarships to deserving students. She will develop loan forgiveness opportunities for college graduates facing excessive student loan debt. Our students deserve a voice at the Minnesota House.

Susan Witt: Putting Students Before Politics

It is time to put our students first. Susan will focus on strengthening all levels of education to prepare our students for the workforce. When elected, Susan’s top education priorities will be:

• Increase early childhood education opportunities
• Train world-class teachers to prepare our students for future success
• Expand the use of technology in the classroom
• Create more job trainings programs
• Reduce the cost of higher education