A former officer of Spring Lake Park Teachers United, she knows trained workers are key to Minnesota's success.

A former officer of Spring Lake Park Teachers United, she knows trained workers are key to Minnesota’s success.

Fair pay. Safe Work Environments.Strong Businesses.


Businesses demand an educated, skilled workforce. Susan will invest in all levels of education, increase technology in the classroom, and expand work readiness programs to ensure we are ready to compete in the economy of the future.

Strong middle class

Our economy needs to work for everyone who is putting in the time and hard work, especially the middle class. Susan will support businesses who provide living wage jobs to our community.


Our economy will be more prosperous when we all work hard together — businesses, workers and the government. Susan will use collaboration and cooperation to strengthen businesses and grow our local economy.

Safety and security

Susan will ensure our work environments are safe and everyone is treated fairly, free from discrimination. Businesses need a government that works for them. Susan will work hard to create a government climate that helps businesses grow, succeed, and create more good-paying jobs.

Susan is ready to roll up her sleeves for businesses and workers. Susan Witt believes a strong economy relies on the local businesses who employ our communities. These businesses are beginning to recover from the recession, but more work needs to be done. We must:

• Reduce government barriers to economic success 
• Introduce tax cuts that benefit local companies, not national corporations
• Educate students to be innovative leaders
• Improve transportation so businesses can move goods and services efficiently

Susan Witt understands that government must support businesses,not inhibit their success. She will find opportunities that make our businesses strong.