Susan, walking in her Blaine neighborhood.

It’s a long walk to achieve excellence, but together we can do better for our communities.

Susan Witt believes in a government that works for the people, not a political party. She is an independent voice who will always put your priorities and concerns first. With your vote this November, Susan will work to:

• Improve education so our students can succeed. All levels of education are crucial to providing a world-class education for our students. Together we can create the innovative, competitive workforce of the future.

• Grow local businesses. Susan will work to remove government barriers to business’ economic success and reduce taxes for main street businesses that employ locally. Together we can strengthen businesses and create more good-paying jobs.

• Invest in transportation. Our roads and bridges need a stable funding source. Susan will improve our infrastructure and develop new transportation options. Together we can develop a comprehensive transportation system that is safe and efficient. 

• Protect our natural resources. Water and air are two of Minnesota’s most valuable natural resources. Susan will protect these assets for future generations. Together we will sustain Minnesota’s outdoors way of life.